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Forms & Resources

NAB Margin Loan

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Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm

Margin Loan Forms

NAB Margin Loan Product Disclosure Statement PDF - 820KB
NAB Financial Services Guide PDF - 269KB
NAB Margin Loan Facility Terms  PDF - 403KB
NAB Margin Loan change of name/address advice form  PDF - 211KB
NAB Margin Loan financial advisor authority form  PDF - 343KB
NAB Margin Loan managed fund redemption instruction form  PDF - 215KB
NAB Margin Loan request to increase facility form   PDF - 220KB
NAB Margin Loan request to increase facility guarantor consent form  PDF - 233KB
NAB Margin Loan request for advance form  PDF - 214KB
NAB Margin Loan security managed funds transfer form   PDF - 216KB
NAB Margin Loan client identification form   PDF - 350KB
NAB Margin Loan client representation authority form   PDF - 349KB
NAB Margin Loan close facility form   PDF - 214KB
NAB Margin Loan establish instalment gearing form   PDF - 219KB
NAB Margin Loan managed fund application/lodgement form   PDF - 213KB
NAB Margin Loan refinance instruction form  PDF - 215KB
NAB Margin Loan new guarantor application form  PDF - 888KB
NAB Margin Loan request to change interest rate form   PDF - 216KB
NAB Margin Loan request for direct credit form  PDF - 214KB
NAB Margin Loan request for direct debit/credit form  PDF - 221KB
NAB Equity Lending CRS supplementary form  PDF - 215KB

Other resources

NAB Margin Loan brochure  PDF - 1,262KB
NAB Margin Loan - How to operate your facility  PDF - 3,631KB
NAB Super Lever flyer  PDF - 303KB
NAB Super Lever - How to operate your facility   PDF - 2,499KB
NAB Equity Builder brochure   PDF - 327KB
NAB Equity Builder flyer  PDF - 293KB
NAB Equity Builder - How to operate your facility guide  PDF - 2,605KB



Send signed forms to:

NAB Equity Lending
PO Box 5350
Melbourne VIC 3001




Contact us

1300 135 145
(from outside Australia: 
+61 3 8872 2086)

Monday - Friday
8.30am - 5.00pm (AEST/ADST)



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