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What-If Calculator

What-If Calculator

To help you manage your facility and understand any sensitivities, we've designed the new 'What-If' calculator to better examine the impact of price movements or prospective transactions. You can run different scenarios such as:

  • Individual price fluctuations 
  • Buy or sell transactions
  • Security transfers (in or out)
  • Security ratio changes
  • Or all of the above at the same time

Follow the steps below to start your calculations.

Helpful tips:

 This tab allows you to delete individual transactions or changes.
Use this button to reset the calculator back to your initial position.
Use the printer button to generate a PDF that shows both the initial and changed positions.

How to use the calculator

Step 1 - Using the + Add Current Holding button, add your current holdings and/or cash to set your initial position.

Step 2 - Click on the "What If" tab from the top right-hand side.

Step 3 - Use the to simulate new transactions, cash movements or security transfers. 

Step 4 - Click on security Price or LVR to alter the values and see how your facility would be impacted. Or use the button to make a constant % change to the value of your entire portfolio.

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