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NAB Super Lever FAQs

Here you'll find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

NAB Super Lever FAQs

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Getting started and account admin

You'll be issued with just one user name and password and these will give you access to all your NAB Equity Lending facilities (except those for which you're a guarantor only).

To notify us of a change of name and/or address please complete the change of name/address advice form.

If you changed your name due to marriage, a certified copy of the marriage certificate must also be provided. If you changed your name for any other reason, please include any relevant supporting legal documentation.

To transfer shares and/or managed funds to your NAB Equity Lending facility, complete the security/managed fund transfer instruction form.

You may request to change the interest rate option applying to your margin loan or a portion of your loan. To do this, complete the request to change interest rate option form.

Our Equity Lending team will issue you with a user name and password shortly after your application has been approved.


If you haven't received your user name and password within 10 working days from the date you receive written confirmation that your facility has been established, or you've forgotten these details, please contact us on 1300 135 145.

Yes. We'll send you a detailed statement that provides a summary of your facility including the market and security value of your portfolio and your transaction details.


Remember, you can monitor your facility online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Managing your facility

To request changes to your facility, you'll generally need to provide us with written instructions.

Visit our client forms page to download forms that make it easy to provide us with instructions we can action promptly on your behalf.

To request an increase to your facility limit, please complete the request to increase facility limit.


If there are any guarantors to your facility, you'll need to obtain consent for any increase from all guarantors before we can approve the increase. You should provide any guarantors with the Request to increase facility limit form - Guarantor consent and ask that they complete this and return the form directly to us.

Take advantage of our extensive distribution network to make regular payments to your facility.

Payments can be made:

  • via internet banking
  • via telephone banking

If you'd like your interest payments to be debited from a nominated bank account, please complete the Request for direct debit form.


It's important that you read the Direct Debit Service Agreement contained in the NAB Equity Lending facility terms before you complete this request.

Funds advanced under your facility must be used wholly or predominantly for business or investment purposes (other than investment in residential property). A request for an advance must also:

  • be for a minimum of $2,000
  • not place your facility in a buffer or margin call position
  • not cause the total loan(s) outstanding to exceed the facility limit

We may refuse a request for an advance if it's not satisfied that the proceeds of the advance will not be used for a code purpose (as that term is defined in the facility terms).

To request an advance from your facility, complete the request for advance form. Upon receipt of your request, we'll assess whether the advance can be made and, if so, make the funds available to you by:

  • mailing a cheque to your nominated postal address; or
  • directly crediting the funds to a bank account nominated by you.

If you'd like to arrange for a guarantor to provide third party security for your facility, please contact us on 1300 135 145.

Any existing shares or managed funds that you (or a third party) hold can be lodged as security for your facility any time by completing the security/managed fund transfer instruction form. You'll also need to provide us with copies of the most recent shareholder statements and/or unit-holder statements for the shares and managed funds you're lodging as security.

You can apply to acquire an approved managed fund investment using funds from your margin loan. To arrange for us to draw funds from your facility and submit the application for units in an approved managed fund on your behalf, please complete the managed fund application/lodgement instruction form.


When you wish to acquire units, we'll generally deal directly with the relevant fund manager to facilitate any instructions you provide us.

To redeem a managed fund investment you need to complete the managed fund redemption instruction form.

Where you have an existing broker, there's generally no need to change this relationship. The buying and selling of shares can be conducted through any broker who will settle with us.

If you don't have an existing relationship with a broker and would like to trade online yourself, you may like to register with nabtrade.

Managing margin calls

If we make a margin call, you should undertake one or more of the following steps to restore the security value of your portfolio to more than your outstanding loan amount:

  • Reduce your outstanding loan amount (for a variable rate loan).
  • Deposit cash into your Cash Management Account (for a fixed rate loan).
  • Sell some investments and apply the net sale proceeds against your NAB Equity Lending facility.
  • Provide additional approved investments as security.

It's important that you closely monitor your facility on a regular basis and promptly take action if you are in a margin call position. While we'll attempt to contact you if you're in a margin call position, if we're unable to do so we may sell shares or redeem managed fund units to restore your facility position without further reference to you.


If you intend to go away or won't be contactable for some time, we recommend you consider:

  • depositing additional funds (either to the credit of your variable interest rate loan account or to your Cash Management Account)
  • providing additional approved investments as security
  • nominating an authorised representative to act on your behalf (including responding to margin calls).

Other ways to minimise the risk of a margin call are to:

  • pay the interest monthly instead of having the interest added (capitalised) to your loan balance (for variable interest rate loans)
  • arrange for dividends and distributions to be credited directly to your variable rate loan or Cash Management Account;
  • not borrow up to the maximum allowed - for example only borrowing up to 60% against an investment with a security value of 70% provides you with additional protection
  • diversify your portfolio across a number of investments and industry sectors to lessen the impact of poorly performing investments.

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