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NAB Equity Builder FAQs

Here you'll find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

NAB Equity Builder FAQs

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

About NAB Equity Builder

NAB Equity Builder is a principal and interest investment loan that’s used to purchase financial assets, specifically managed investments.


Managed investments include managed funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), listed investment companies (LICs) and separately managed accounts (SMAs). NAB Equity Builder works similarly to a home loan. With a home loan, you borrow money to purchase property.


With an NAB Equity Builder loan, you borrow money to purchase certain types of share market investments (ie exchange traded funds or managed funds). Like a home loan, you pay down the loan with monthly principal and interest repayments.

A traditional margin loan can be used to acquire individual company shares (ie Apple, Facebook, BHP, Telstra etc) and has a margin call mechanism. A margin call is triggered when share price falls below a certain level and you’ll be required to rectify the position in a short period of time.


A NAB Equity Builder investment loan is not a margin loan and does not have margin calls. It’s a principal and interest investment loan that requires monthly repayments to progressively repay the loan.

If you’re unsure about borrowing to invest or investing in the share market then you may wish to consider other options or speak to your financial adviser.


NAB Equity Builder is intended for investors who: want to invest in financial assets; are comfortable with borrowing to invest; and have a long term investment horizon (ie 7 - 10 years). If you’re new to investing, it may be worth considering starting small with your own money before borrowing money.

Like every investment decision you make you need to consider the risks. As a general rule, if your wealth building strategy involves borrowing to invest, then you need to be comfortable and financially prepared with the risks you’re taking.


Remember, borrowing money means paying interest over the life of a loan. In addition, when investing in the share market your investments may be impacted by market volatility and price movements. It’s important to understand that gearing can magnify both the potential for gains and losses in assets, which can both increase and decrease in value.

The minimum credit limit for NAB Equity Builder is $20k. Similar to a home loan, how much you can borrow depends on your overall financial position. For any financial advice relating to your personal circumstances or goals, please speak to your financial adviser.

NAB Equity Builder is a variable interest loan only.

Market value is the total value of your investments which are reflective of day to day market movements – both up, down or neutral. Security value is the market value of your investments multiplied by the approved security ratio. This is the amount NAB is prepared to lend against the investments. Your initial loan request must always be less than or equal to your initial security value.


Getting started and account admin

The loan process is similar to a home loan.

  1.  Apply online
  2. Provide financial information and supporting documentation
  3. Have a deposit ready (cash and/or approved investments)
  4. Loan approval
  5. Purchase approved investments any time by submitting the Loan Request & Instruction form

The principal and interest repayments only start when you purchase investments and draw down on the loan. Repayments are debited on the first business day of each month once they start.

Yes. As per the terms and conditions, NAB can re-evaluate and change the Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) at any time. If an LVR is removed from an asset you already hold within NAB Equity Builder, you are obliged to switch this investment into another approved investment.

Yes, NAB Equity Builder is a secured loan. Your security can either be:

  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), 
  • Listed Investment Companies (LICs), 
  • Managed investments from the NAB Equity Builder approved investment list, or 
  • Cash. 

Typically, the assets acquired with the borrowed funds (and your cash) will also remain as loan security. Similar to a home loan the deposit you have is a key factor in determining a maximum loan amount for any new asset purchase.


*Example 1: John has $30k cash and uses this as his deposit. Based on his overall financial position NAB lends $70k. He now has $100k to invest.

*Example 2: Brianna would like to own $100k of A200 (Betashares Australian 200 ETF). The Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) for A200 is 75%. Brianna already owns $25k worth of A200 and has been approved for a NAB Equity Builder loan of $75k. Brianna could submit a form to transfer her existing $25k worth of A200 to loan security, whilst also requesting to purchase $75k of additional A200 shares with borrowed funds.

Once the borrowed funds have been spent, Brianna’s final position will be a loan of $75k secured by $100k of A200.


The above examples are for illustrative purposes only and LVRs may change at any time. For current LVRs please refer to NAB Equity Builder’s Approved Investment List.

No, NAB Equity Builder is an investment loan provided by NAB. Unlike a NAB Margin Loan, NAB Equity Builder can’t be linked to a nabtrade account or any other stockbroking account. NAB Equity Builder is a loan and the bank holds a mortgage over the investments until the loan is paid off.


For more information on nabtrade visit

You'll be issued with just one user name and password and these will give you access to all your NAB Equity Lending facilities (except those for which you're a guarantor only).

To notify us of a change of name and/or address please complete the change of name/address advice form.

If you changed your name due to marriage, a certified copy of the marriage certificate must also be provided. If you changed your name for any other reason, please include any relevant supporting legal documentation.

To transfer shares and/or managed funds to your NAB Equity Lending facility, complete the security/managed fund transfer instruction form.

Our Equity Lending team will issue you with a user name and password shortly after your application has been approved.


If you haven't received your user name and password within 10 working days from the date you receive written confirmation that your facility has been established, or you've forgotten these details, please contact us on 1300 135 145.

Yes. We'll send you a detailed statement that provides a summary of your facility including the market and security value of your portfolio and your transaction details.


Remember, you can monitor your facility online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Managing your facility

Once your loan facility is setup you can purchase investments in one go or break it up into multiple transactions. The minimum loan portion is $10k per transaction. There is no time limit so you may wish to invest straight away or wait until you find the right investment opportunities.


Whenever you’re ready to invest, just complete a Loan Request & Instruction form and NAB purchases the investments on your behalf. 

To request changes to your facility, you'll generally need to provide us with written instructions.

Visit our client forms page to download forms that make it easy to provide us with instructions we can action promptly on your behalf.

To request an increase to your facility limit, please complete the request to increase facility limit.


If there are any guarantors to your facility, you'll need to obtain consent for any increase from all guarantors before we can approve the increase. You should provide any guarantors with the Request to increase facility limit form - Guarantor consent and ask that they complete this and return the form directly to us.

Take advantage of our extensive distribution network to make regular payments to your facility.

Payments can be made:

  • via internet banking
  • via telephone banking 

If you'd like to arrange for a guarantor to provide third party security for your facility, please contact us on 1300 135 145.

Any existing shares or managed funds that you (or a third party) hold can be lodged as security for your facility any time by completing the security/managed fund transfer instruction form. You'll also need to provide us with copies of the most recent shareholder statements and/or unit-holder statements for the shares and managed funds you're lodging as security.

To redeem a managed fund investment you need to complete the managed fund redemption instruction form.

Managing your repayments

Principal and interest loan repayments are deducted from your account on the first business day of each month and is reflected as two separate transactions – the principal portion and the interest portion.


If you default on a monthly repayment, you can request that NAB redraw this from your nominated account when funds are available, or you can transfer funds directly into the loan. Alternatively, you may have to sell a portion of your investments in your Equity Builder facility to meet those repayments.

Yes, you can make additional repayments into the loan to help pay it down quicker. This can be done via electronic funds transfer into your loan account which has its own BSB and Account Number. There are no fees to make additional repayments or paying off the loan early.

Dividends are automatically paid into the same bank account used for your principal and interest repayments. You can nominate a different account for dividends anytime or elect dividend reinvestment directly via the share registry.

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