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NAB Super Lever


A margin loan designed specifically for 
self-managed super funds.


Take advantage of a limited recourse loan.

Simple set up

The required security trustee is provided within the product.

Flexible investing

Access a broad range of approved investment options.


Combines the flexibility of a margin loan with a design that caters for self- managed super funds.

benefits & risks

Benefits of NAB Super Lever

Limited recourse

NAB’s recourse against the SMSF is limited to the acquired asset held as loan security, in addition to this maximums apply to the value of assets acquired.


Borrowing funds to acquire an asset under a limited recourse borrowing arrangement does not increase the net capital value of your SMSF, so it should not result in a contribution to your fund for ATO purposes.

Simplicity and flexibility

If you decide to make an investment, you simply send us a form with your investment request and arrange to provide the required cash contribution. Also, the required Security Trust structure is provided within NAB Super Lever. 

As the SMSF trustee, you can choose:

  1. your investment from a broad range of approved investments
  2. your preferred gearing level
  3. whether to capitalise loan interest
  4. whether to make use of non-SMSF security to support a loan via a guarantee, and 
  5. when to repay the loan.

Unconditional access to investment distributions

Cash dividends and distributions flow directly to you as the beneficial owner of the financed investment.

These income flows are available for you to reinvest within your SMSF, or you may choose to reduce an existing NAB Super Lever loan balance.

Risks of a margin loan

Margin calls

If a portfolio's value falls so that the amount of equity an investor holds also falls below our required levels, we may ask for extra security or funds to be deposited. If an investor fails to do this, we may sell their assets to correct the position.

Reduced gearing levels

We regularly review our lending ratios and may decrease them, even for securities an investor already owns. When that happens, it can sometimes trigger a margin call.

Suspended securities

If an investor's securities get suspended from trading we may ask them to deposit additional funds or securities. 

Increased rates

If an investor has a variable interest rate on their loan, it may increase. To manage this risk, investors should ensure they gear conservatively and have enough capital to deal with a rate rise. Investors can manage this risk by offsetting any distributions or income received from securities against the balance of the loan. 

Increased losses

While leverage may amplify gains, it also amplifies any losses in a falling market.

Risk management

Investors can manage these risk by gearing conservatively, diversifying and monitoring investments, and paying interest regularly.

Fees & Rates

NAB Super Lever

Variable interest rates (p.a.)

Less than $250,000 5.75%                               
$250,000 - less than $1.0M 5.50%
$1.0M & above 5.25%

Download all interest rates PDF (81KB) - Rates effective from 23 May 2022.

Case studies

Use leverage to grow your SMSF assets


A unique product that can help trustees boost their SMSF portfolio.

The ATO guidelines provided to all SMSF trustees places an expectation on fund trustees that they will balance diversification with the process of maximising returns for the fund. 

For funds over $1m, the capacity exists to build a portfolio of Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements (LRBAs). This means that a degree of diversification can be created, even though each loan arrangement is restricted to acquiring a single asset.

The maximum concessional contribution for each fund member is capped, and for some SMSFs, annual member contributions can seem to be a very slow mechanism to grow the value of the fund. The underlying performance of the fund starts to become the dominant driver of fund growth. 

The use of borrowed funds, for SMSFs with the relevant trust deed powers, can be another mechanism where an SMSF trustee can impact the gross value of assets operating within their superannuation fund.

With NAB Super Lever, SMSF trustees can:

  • Borrow to invest into their SMSF
  • Choose from a broad range of listed securities and managed funds

While a margin loan can increase gains in a rising market, it can also magnify losses when the market declines. Find out more about the risks and benefits of a NAB Super Lever below.


The ability to purchase ETFs and managed funds within an SMSF.

NAB Super Lever is a limited recourse borrowing arrangement specifically designed for SMSFs.

For smaller funds, or those that want to embed some diversification into each borrowing arrangement, NAB Super Lever has a broad approved list of managed funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Borrowing funds in a compliant fashion is one of the few pathways available to an SMSF trustee to increase the gross asset pool working for them within superannuation’s concessional tax environment. 

With NAB Super Lever, SMSF trustees enjoy: 

  • The required Security Trust structure is provided within the product
  • A broad range of approved investments and the ability to control gearing levels

While a margin loan can increase gains in a rising market, it can also magnify losses when the market declines. Find out more about the risks and benefits of a NAB Super Lever below.

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