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NAB Margin Loan

Standard margin loan, typically secured by listed shares, &/or unlisted managed funds

NAB Equity Builder

Principal and interest loan, typically secured by unlisted managed funds, &/or exchange traded funds

NAB Super Lever

Standard margin loan, designed specifically for Self-Managed Super Funds

Nature of liability 

Full recourse Full recourse Limited recourse to borrower (SMSF)
Margin call Yes No Yes
Principal and interest payments required No Yes No
Approved investments 450+ ASX listed securities
1000+ International securities
1000+ Unlisted managed funds
50+ Unlisted corporate bonds
850+ Unlisted managed funds
(including platform-held)
20+ exchange traded funds / listed investment companies
100+ ASX listed securities & exchange traded funds
100+ Unlisted managed funds
(excluding platform-held)
Typical LVRs 40 - 80% 70 - 80% 40 - 60%
Buffer 5% - shares
10% - managed funds
N/A 15% of market value for all security
Interest rate options Variable
Fixed in advance
Fixed in arrears
Variable, monthly in arrears Variable
Fixed in advance
Fixed in arrears
Capitalisation of loan interest Yes No Yes
Nature of equity contribution Approved investments, Cash Approved investments, Cash Cash only
Loan security nomineed Yes - for unlisted managed funds Yes - for all loan security Yes - for all loan security
Third party security allowed Yes Yes Yes
No. of asset purchases per loan Unlimited Unlimited (if executed same day) 1 (unlimited number of loans)
Cash withdrawal allowed Yes Yes No
Instalment gearing Yes No No
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